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April 22, 2007


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That really sets off your gorgeous blue blue eyes. Good use of mid-life crisis!!


The time I had burgundy highlights in my hair (semipermanent only) they came out purple and my husband called me The Grape for a month.

But I like the way you think. :-)

Have fun with it!


1) I love your hair! Keep it!

2) I have a hole at the top of my right ear. I was warned to NOT do it to my "phone ear," and since I always use my left ear with the phone, I did my right ear.

3) How did I miss that you went to UofI? I clicked on your Physics for Poets links, because I took it, too -- but I assumed yours was at some other school.... Oskee-wow-wow!!!

Carrie K

It looks good! But no, not very in your face. Quietly seditious.

The socks look great! No way would I ever be a test knitter, I knit slow as all get out.

I've got two holes in one ear and one in the other. When I went back for the double holes, I'd forgotten how dang much it HURT. In fact, I was clutching my ear backing down the aisle with my best friend and the girl doing the ear punching both telling me I was a big sissy.

Yup. I see no need for self inflicted pain.

gina d.

Thought I would delurk to let you know I really like the new hair color, springtime is such a good time to make a splashy change! By the way, I could test your sock pattern if you still need someone.


If it's not too late I could test your sock. I really enjoyed the one I just completed for the yahoo group I belong to.

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