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May 18, 2007


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12!!?? How is this possible!

Happy Birthday C!

the divine (yet blogless) Elizabeth

I can personally attest to the once clean floor space of the yarn closet. But DUDE! Doesn't that picture reveal that binder with all your circular needles in it that was hiding from you? Can it be true that it finally came back to play again?

Mary the Digital Knitter

Wire cubes! That's how I've organized a lot of my stash. I got the basic set at Costco a few years ago and recently added wheels and shelf tracks from the manufacturer, Seville Classics, here. By putting the cube units on wheels, you can fill the whole space full and then just roll the cubes out to get to the stuff against the walls. Plus you can see what's inside the cubes fairly well.

This works a lot better than my usual technique of arranging everything around the edges just so and then filling in the center space with a random collection of bins, totes, knitting bags,shopping bags, shipping bags and boxes, etc. It's a lot easier to wheel out a stack of cubes than it is to pick up and move each of the individual pieces. And then putting them back, which usually drives me to attempt, vainly, to organize everything somehow, requiring that every bin, tote, etc, gets emptied out and the yarn reallocated, ensuring that I'll henceforth have to examine every bin, tote, etc to find anything.

Mary the Digital Knitter

That link for Seville Classics didn't work, so I'll just put it here


Carrie K

Yay! You've got more yarn than me so I can continue to accumulate stash.

Oh, poor you, reknitting the Fug.

And Happy Belated Birthday to your talented daughter!

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