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September 24, 2007


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The PO box thing is actually fairly common. Part of the reason is to keep the hiring manager from being deluged with "Did you get my resume" calls and part is a trap for current employees - although I think the legalities of using the fact that they investigated a different job against them are dicey...

1099 hiring is becoming more commonplace as benefits grow increasingly expensive to provide. Hiding the fact that it's a 1099 position is disgraceful though. BTW, you do get credit for the employer portion of those taxes on your 1040 somewhere...but it is hard on the cash flow. Ironically, they'd probably be happier hiring someone savvy enough to understand what they're doing as a standard employee. Of course, these are the same people they're pissing off by this behavior...



This has been happening to me for the last two months that I've been job searching... I see a posted job, tweak everything towards providing an adequate framework for applying for that job (cover letter), then find out that:

1. they either require something that I don't have but they don't advertise that it's required either... total waste of my time AND theirs.

2. The position doesn't pay what they said it pays, because of course that rate is artificially inflated in order to get people to come in to apply (no joke... one job was listed at $14/hour, but at the first round of interviews & skills testing we were told they *start everyone* out at $10/hour... a significant difference).

3. The job they vaguely hint at doesn't exist (your blog entry describes this better than I ever could).

Makes for a very depressing time when it comes to finding a job that will allow my daughter and I to eat without welfare benefits.

Lola LB

I see that you haven't even got to the recruiters. Let me tell you, it's just as slimy there. I can't tell you how many times I've been contacted for positions only to find out that these positions don't match my resume at all (no, I do NOT know Photoshop - did you read my resume and not see it listed there?). And the way they give you only just enough info to hook you in and nothing more than that. Here's a typical recruiter's email: "We have a web design position for you. If you're interested, please email me." That says absolutely nothing about what duties for the position is, where is it, and the salary range.


I don't know the law, but I know the government is cracking down on companies hiring "independent contractors" as a way to save on costs. At least in construction, if you are treated like an employee, legally you must be hired as one. I would think that advertising for a "staff attorney" implies that you would be expected to work normal hours and behave like a full-time employee, as opposed to them hiring you out on a per-job basis, you providing your own office, billing them for your time, etc. Interesting...

Carrie K

The IRS isn't happy with companies that hire independent contractors when they're really employees. A company that hires you as an IC can't dictate your hours or how you juggle your workload among other things. Check the IRS website for more differences.

You can deduct the employer half of SE taxes on the front page of the tax return. Basically the tax is the same as an employee, you're just not aware of it when it's done for you and on a periodic basis. There are also rules about Health Insurance premium deductions for Schedule C owners.

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