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April 18, 2008


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I think I have a very similar sweater that I started for my hubby. We should have planned a frogging party! I might have to dust of the container it's in and blog it.

I can sympathize with you on the wrist pain. Mine is better now, but for a while, I couldn't even lift my Diet Coke can. Not knitting made me want to panic. A chiropractor helped mine a lot.


H, pain is inanimate and simply something a person faces, along with gravity. Wishing you patience and healing...


Take it easy on the wrists, OK? Better to take a few days off than have to take a longer time out.

What sort of yarn is the froggage? It does indeed look like a Very 80's Sweater - and you did a nice job on it! You can take comfort in that...

Have a good weekend.


Ouch. No knitting, no typing, no reason for living, right? That has to stink. I hope you can manage to rest your wrist enough to let it heal and then figure out what not to do in the future (other than not knit and not type). Heal fast!


Thanks for the recognition: I'm not in pain but I'm ill all the time and most days I'm too weak to walk to the end of the street. I thought at the beginning that I would blog about it but I've discovered that I prefer not to, and to write about what I can do, not what I can't - I hadn't previously realized that I was a Pollyana :) But don't feel too bad; get well and I hope you can take things for granted soon. And rest really will make a difference and you will get better faster if you do it.


What does it say about me that I love the Mission Impossible sweater? I do see how it is dated, but I love it, nonetheless.


Well.... that's, um, quite a sweater! It looks like something Bill Cosby might have worn on his show back in the 80s! What's frogging do to the wrist pain?

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