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May 27, 2008


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All so very lovely! Willow is wonderful - speak to me about the stitch marker placement. My problem is that the damn things get caught in my yarnovers and I wind up plucking them off the needles and hurling them away in fits of pique. If they would actually help me to not mess up, I might rethink.


I finished one pair of socks, frogged another pair that was 3/4 done but wasn't working, and now have the first leg reknit. It feels really good to have that pair finally working right.

I like your unblocked Boing much, MUCH better than the blocked ones I saw at Ravelry. Yes, I liked yours so much I went over to the R place to check out some more, to see if I wanted to make one. I am officially undecided at this point. But that's okay because I have a summer top that is begging to be cast on. Scarves can wait for a couple months.


Where did that weekend go? ;-)

I love Willow, beautiful colors!

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