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May 18, 2008


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Happy Birthday to C! Glad that things are settling down for you and that you had a nice outing. Love the sock.
And all kids are weird about that kind of stuff.


Happy birthday to Miss C!!!

Once when orchestra was on tour, we played at the Grand Canyon, and the wind came up and blew all our music over the cliff, and yours truly was the only one still playing because I couldn't see the music and thus had memorized my part...

I always wore my hospital bracelets for a week or so after. It helped me work through the experience emotionally. If she's still wearing it in a month and it gets disgusting, J. can clean it with rubbing alcohol. BTDT.

Any time to talk on Monday? You're a godsend -- really helped me through a tough time and THANK YOU. Love you!


Great to have such a musical daughter.
Herbs are truly wonderful to have in your garden. If you can get your hands on creeping rosemary, you will be surprised at the flowers it produces! It produces much more flowers and will flower all through the winter. Our creeping rosemary still kept its blooms with snow on the branches. It grows a little larger than rosemary vulgaris.
Happy knitting,

A Dutch knitter


So glad you're back!! I registered and posted over at the Seasons of Lace blog, but stupidly used the wrong "handle" - anyway I was happy to see you guys up and running! What fun!

And what a fun day! Nothing like quality time in the garden, followed by some good, long knittin' time!


Yes, kids are very strange.

The concert looks like it was great fun!


Outdoor concert -- great way to end the year/start the summer. Herbs in planters are wonderful. Dinner needs a little pick-me-up? No problem, just step out to the patio or deck and clip some yumminess.

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