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November 09, 2008


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Is the back neck a V like the front? If so, perhaps you could perhaps remedy the too-wide-at-the-shoulders problem by filling in the back neck in such a way that it draws the shoulders in. Here's an example of what I mean from Ravelry:
I think she made her triangle too wide, but that's just my opinion.

Good luck! It is heartbreaking -- and mojo-destroying -- to spend so many hours on a project and have it not turn out like it should.

the  divine (though blogless) Elizabeth

Ok, now stop. Yes you can be a nitpicky knitter and see all the stuff you wish was better, but that tee looks great on you! If it's comfy and the rest of the world can't see the galloping horse stuff just LET IT GO! In my opinion, that tee makes you look skinny and BODACIOUS (If you know what I mean) ;)

The Divine (though Blogless) Elizabeth has spoken!


Okay - I am with the "Divine (though Blogless) Elizabeth up to a point. The body of the tee look awesome, fits well, and is very flattering. The shoulders, in my opinion, aren't the problem. It is the sleeve opening. It is just too wide. Are the sleeves sewn in, knit on from the shoulders down, or a part of the body? If you can just narrow down the bottom of the sleeves, I think you will be really pleased. It isn't a bad garment, just disproportionate. Look at the sleeves.


I agree with the Divine -- let it go! It looks fine -- maybe not exactly what you had in mine, but it's fine!

And could you perhaps bribe... er, pay... a middle-schooler to frog the Silk Garden?

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