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December 21, 2008


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*Truly* scary - I hope she's healing well. Not a Starbucks fan either - it's too dark roasted for my taste, but couldn't resist the mug. I just went in a bought mugs w/ no coffee


Hope all is well in the healing department. And I will never knit another scarf! Cowls, hats, mitten, gloves, yes - no scarves!

Love your mug. And Starschmucks isn't a place I ever go. coffee is made right in my own kitchen with my precious Sylvia and her side kick Rocky. If I go out it is to the local joint that makes the best espresso this side of heaven.

Happy Yule, Love!

Carrie K

70 stitches?! Heart stopping? Wow. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn't finish sil's scarf.

Nuetrals are always a good choice. Beige, gray.

# 10 - Ding :: dong the witch is dead.... Go check out the Wicked Witch of the North Pole socks on my blog...(not me, not handkniy. But still cute)


You know, Isadora Duncan died when her scarf got wrapped around the wheel of her convertible.

And just to go against the tide, I am a regular Starbucks customer, but have yet to buy myself that mug. I bought one as a gift, though.

Sorry I missed the party....


That is a scary scarf-meets escalator story. A cowl sounds like a great idea.

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