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February 06, 2009


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I'm pretty sure you did post about Toni and your wheel. For some reason, I remember it.

I think I'm a dietcokeabib. Or is it a dietcokeophage?

Oh, your gifts are sitting on the footstool in my bedroom, looking very beautiful. I haven't been out of the house in a few days!


I think I remember that post, too, although I may just be remembering the one about Grafton.


Beautiful fiber! I have quite a few Grafton Fibers batts... they're wonderful :-) Oh, and what do they call coffee drinkers?


Yay! You adopted a word!!!! You are such a good and wonderful person to take a word into your home and allow it to grow and prosper!!!! Now that I know you spin too, we need to do a spin a sweater along. I have enough spun to do a design for my son using Elsbeth Lavold's cabling style. Wanna test it for me? You would have to spin the yarn and everything!


Hmmm..... at work, a group of us chip in for the "good water" every month. We're referred to as the Water Club, but maybe I'll try to change our name to the Aquabibs!

And I remember how thrilled you were with Toni's work on the wheels, but I don't remember if you blogged about it...


There you are, miss you over at sol.
Sorry about the dog's ear and the carpet!

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