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April 30, 2009


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I'm glad you're feeling a bit better.

I need to do this meme -- my name's a lot more uncommon that yours, and I wonder if I'd even get 15 hits to the phrase!

Colleen G

Well, I was skimming through the post and got to the point of "Unfortunately, Helen, as the fairest of her sex, was the prize destined for Paris." and thought that seems a bit of a brag, but she IS very pretty.
...and then I actually read your post, and realized it was a quote from the Illiad.
But, I still see a glimmer of truth in that.

Additionally, we need to get together sometime. My Saturdays are busy, but Sundays are free. Also, after next week I'll be available in Wednesday (as classes are done)
How does your scheduale look Dearie?


Please take care of yourself. Do EVERYTHING the doctor says and rest rest rest. Knitting is good resting activity.


Oh dear, please do not overdo! Pneumonia is no joke. You will be tired for some time yet. Pay attention to what your body says.


Hmmm - think I'll skip that one - most of my results were along the lines of "unfortunately, Ruth died/passed away/did not live to see/succumbed to..." Slightly depressing!

Do look after yourself - pneumonia makes you tired for way longer than you'd ever think was reasonable.

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