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June 24, 2009


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I love that picture of you! That devilish half-grin...what WERE you thinking at that moment??
Go.Go right this minute, up to your profile and switch to this picture.
It's perfect!
(Oh, and the sweater ain't half bad, either!)

On a sad note, you just reminded me that I also have to accumulate 24 CEU's beginning in August. So, that works out well for me, even less knitting time!


It's a good thing you have knitting or you'd have to kill a computer screen!

Nice hair color. Where did you get that great idea???

The Divine (though blogless) Elizabeth

I'm betting that expression has to do with C saying something naughty. ;) (it would make a great profile pic)

I'm working on Must Have feverishly, I swear! (although I just screwed up the last row and now must stop to fix it) Sigh, only 4 inches to go until the armholes!


I love your Deep Breath. I'm looking for something to wear to an October wedding (not mine) and that might just be it.

Perhaps you were doing what Greta Garbo did when she had to shoot that very moody scene in Queen Christina, standing at the prow of a ship, when the director told her to think of nothing. It was very effective.


That is exactly how I do my online-but-free CPE classes. Except I usually have a game of computer Solitaire going, too.

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