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August 23, 2009


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Back-to-school supplies lists are ALWAYS a prime example of what happens when no one talks to anyone else or considers that students have other classes.


All I have to say is: How can it possibly be time for school to start again, when I've not yet done the Spring Cleaning??

Colleen G

You've got to be kidding me. PLEASE tell me you are kidding me. Please tell me that these people aren't so stupid and yet so uptight to actually believe that they know what is best for every single child there.

Cause actually, what are we teaching the children? Commercialism, conformity and the ability to blame others? They've got what, 6 classes a quarter? And they're supposed to keep track of 6 binders, 6 textbooks, 6 notebooks and 6 3 hole punches. Heck, that's immesurably stupid.

Thank god I'm not in school today. And thank goodness I grew up in a rural area that didn't expect you to buy specific schools supplies. It makes me wonder are they allowed to write on college ruled notepaper? Would I be banned from using my fountain pen because it's rare (technically it might be antique. It was my dad's in highschool. He graduated in 61. It's almost 50 years old, and still works)

I can't believe I'm going into histronics...They aren't even my kids. Reason # 2481 not to have children. Reason # 315 for not becoming a teacher.

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