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June 15, 2012


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Nat Finney

When we were living in Switzerland, any time we did anything remotely administrative (even changing our address with the Kanton) we got in the habit of taking a copy of our marriage license with us. Although this was a copy of an old civil document from a state in a different country, printed in a foreign language, and had been authenticated at the time by Social Security numbers (which they've never heard of) and now-long-expired Drivers License information, it was the only way we could ever convince anyone that we were married in spite of the fact that...(*gasp*) we didn't have the same last name!

It wouldn't matter if we had been to that office/store/post office numerous times. Still had to have the license just to be safe, because you never knew when someone would insist on seeing it, whether or not they had any authority to ask.

I won't even start on the fact that our tax returns always had to be filed with my name as the Head of Household (even though I didn't pay the bills or make the most money) because...well, because I was the male, of course. Duh.


I'm thinking that sounds more like a bad French accent than a bad German one. Of course, in Freiburg a lot of people speak a bit of both, so that could explain the accent.

And at least you now have everything. So the kiddo can start driving herself places.

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