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June 01, 2006


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Carrie K

I think the sock looks cute.

So, did you frog Thistle's sleeves?

Yay for the Bad Neighbors moving! It's so awful when one of Them moves in.


I'd say set aside for now. I rather like the broken rib in the Koigu.
Do I mistake myself or is that a Hunter graphic at the top of the main? Do you sail?

Carrie K

So what's the current Koigu interpretation? Did you fix the shawl? And scrapbooking holds zero appeal for me either. I'm good if I can get photos in a card box w/people/places identified.


I'd probably be willing to try to knit - but scrapbooking, nope, that doesn't do it for me. LOL

Actually the reason I haven't tried knitting is that i am afraid of *liking* it - and then I have to expand my crafting! :P

Kim D.

Personally, I like the sock, but you know if you force yourself to knit something that you're not in to, that you'll definitely suffer with 2nd-sockitis. Frog it and try something else. What about one of the patterns on Knitty - there's never enough Jaywalkers out there and that would be interesting yet show off the lovely colorway.

Or knit them and they'd make a lovely gift/prize for your fellow Tudor Rose KAL'ers. (just kidding)

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