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January 21, 2007


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Holy crap between the working out and the knitting you HAVE been busy. It all looks great. If you are under 130, please tell me you are under 5'2" tall or I'm going to freak. (I just broke the 149/150 barrier and I'm 5'6"!)

Carrie K

I love Thistle. Those Bamboo socks are pretty good looking too.

Oh wow, I missed that your computer died at work! That would be UTTER Hell. Lost all the data from mid December? Yowza.

So. After staring at your stash pics over and over, did the Jaeger superwash merino sell yet?


Like minds again, I found Run-a-go-go, signed up but haven't delurked, added the button or blogged about it yet. Congrats on breaking over that set point!

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