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August 16, 2007


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I look at all the lovely yarn, shed a tear over the ridiculous portion that is wool, & wonder if I would have found enough non-wool to make a sweater or three, should I ever get to knitting.

We'll be at the late end of lunch getting there today. Morning is not my friend.

Carrie K

Wow, that is some good looking yarn. The laceweights are really gorgeous.....I must be thinking shawls again.

Stitches sounds like it had some glitches! I understand why they want to cater to the newbies, but hopefully everyone's skills will grow. Making an Intermediate class at Beginner levels doesn't serve anyone well.

But still. Looks like it was lots of fun!

Becky Niemand

So, when did Araucania add dyelots to their Nature Wool? When I bought several sweater quantities earlier this summer, they were not marked with dyelots, and the ballbands suggest sorting through the selection available to find "compatible" skeins.

At least you have an LYS in your hometown, which I do not. If you're unhappy with your LYS, you might want to get to know the folks at Needleworks (www.cu-needleworks.com). They have been enormously helpful and friendly and done special orders for me and everything, and I don't even live there! I can't believe they didn't even make me put a deposit down on the special orders they placed for me. Everywhere else I've had to put 50% down because of the turd-buckets who like to place special orders and then flake out when they come in.

Glad you had a good time at the market even though the classes were a bit of a bummer.


ooooh, I'm super jealous of the malabrigo lace weight, I've been lusting after some for a while now. Looks like a great haul!


Oh, wow! What pretty yarn! You did good!

As someone who teaches (non-knitting) classes that people self-assign themselves to, it's really hard to deal with those who think their skills are higher than they are. In some situations, you can say "I'm not covering this - if you don't know how to do this, you may want to sit back and watch, and consider taking [some other more appropriate] class." But that's really hard to do when that skill is essential to the rest of the class!

And I'm jealous that you got to be one of Franklin's 1000 knitters!

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