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April 16, 2008


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Sorry about the wrist... and the frogging. As you already learned, I too have frogged, so we can start over together.



I've had some pretty nasty bouts with tennis elbow the last 6 months. Sock knitting makes it much worse. I think it's so much tighter. Lace knitting is much better. I was told to quit too, so I switched to quilting, but that wasn't any better because of the ironing. I'll just suffer!!!

I hope Serino lets you know what it wants to be. It's such fun yarn to knit with!


The yarn is beautiful, but you're right -- it wants to be something else...

Sorry about the wrist.... Both my brother (non-knitter) and sister (occasional knitter) have carpal symptoms, but I'm trying to ignore the fact that everything in my life points toward future problems!


I love the yarn but agree that it's too busy for the pattern. I joined that KAL but haven't started the knitting yet- I wanted to see how it looked first. I am liking it enough that I will be hunting for just the right yarn for it at MD Sheep and Wool in a couple of weeks.

I hope your wrist feels better soon.


Sorry to hear about the aches and pains. I've given myself tendonitis in my right shoulder from too much knitting and small-area mousing (have to give up JigZone!) March was a knitting month of massive productivity, and I'm paying for it in April. ;-( I, too, often sleep in braces (plural), since I curl up both wrists tightly when I sleep, which adds to the RSI effect. All I can offer, besides loads of sympathy, is to say "Be patient."


It's terrible to be in pain, but maybe some gentle exercise could help. Here we call it "Mensendieck" therapy. I believe he/she was an American. It works by very gently strengthening the muscles and improving posture, as much pain (headache and backpain e.g.) originates from the wrong way of walking, sitting etc. It has helped me greatly over the years.
I also found it useful to learn to operate the mouse with my left hand and have learned to "knit back", so as to avoid doing purl stitches, while knitting shawls. It is a bit awkward and slow at first, but if you persevere it works wonders. You can still knit while your right arm takes a rest.
All the best and happy knitting

Willemtje, a Dutch knitter

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