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June 19, 2008


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I think you need a vacation.


I think smacking someone at Comcast might make you feel better, however, I think a vacation might be easier.


They wonder why I don't want their phone service either.

In their defense (shudder) they did do a big email upgrade thing very recently that absolutely borked stuff up for a few days. I couldn't get my email from my iPhone at all & heard it was the same for all mobile devices. They got that fixed right quick, but perhaps something is lingering & affecting you. I've not had any trouble with my email since they fixed the iPhone thing, so it may be a local problem...


OK, it's a vast telecom industry conspiracy. We just switched our cell phone service from Sprint to AT&T to save a few sheckels. I wish I could come up with a metaphor sufficient to describe what making the change was like. The customer service thus far has been the worst I have ever encountered. Beyond ridiculous. Utterly appalling in its incompetence, stupidity, nonresponsiveness, and inefficiency. Honestly I think they must have to actually strive to be this bad - you just couldn't do it by accident.

As to unprepared judges. I've been there, but here's what you need to keep in mind: If they're as lazy as it sounds, you'll win, because it's easier to affirm the lower court and borrow its reasoning than it is to actually reason your way through a reversal. Fingers crossed!


We ditched Comcast when they gave us a week-and-a-half away appointment to fix our service and I work from home, so that wasn't acceptable. I had a tech call me a liar when I told him what was happening. We were switched over to Comcast from Insight, who had issues but never treated us like dirt the way Comcast does.

See if you can get AT&T U-Verse. I swore a few years ago I'd never go back to AT&T, but their customer service when I was working a DSL issue for my mom encouraged me to try, and since they installed the service we haven't had any down time more than a minute or two (which a modem/router reboot cleared right up). It's a full TV package as well as fast DSL - we have nothing from Comcast anymore. The installers were all AT&T employees, no contractors, and the few times I've called tech support with questions I've been taken care of on the first call.

I have a friend who switched over on my recommendation and has had more issues, but they've all been resolved fairly quickly and I know she's happy, too.

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