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January 21, 2009


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I need to make a couple Christmas stockings by next year. No way I am going to needlepoint them, though -- knitting is much more pleasurable for me. That said, your teddy bear stocking is tres cute!


Yummy colors - you're right in my bluey-greeny *love* range, and I do like the cables :)

the divine (yet blogless) Elizabeth

Drat. I guess I really have to add yet another WIP and start swatching for Must Have so you and Maria don't leave me in the dust...

Colleen G

Hmm....advantage number 613 to not having kids--no desire to do needlepoint that needs to be finished within 18 years.
I hate deadlines.
Also, I was wondering what LYS you use. I much like Klose Knits, but Needleworks has an impressive wall of sock yarn. Thoughts?


Although quite tedious sound and looking, your Irtfa'a Shawl looks wonderful. The needlepoint also looks wonderful. Both are things I haven't the patience in the world to do though, so I admire them all the more.


Um. I might touch that many projects in a *year*.

I'm going to put my fingers in my ears and sing "la la la" until I find my earplugs... then I'll stuff those in my ears and go knit on my poor sock. It knows I love it, doesn't it? :-)

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