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January 25, 2009


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Cables! I love cables. Would you consider helping me design a small cable project? (Don't wanna disclose it to the masses yet.)


looks like you're a bit into cables as well these days! I love the heart cable!


Sorry, I'd fix the cable. It's in front and pretty obvious, at least to me. But then, I don't mind ripping out too much. I am on my 4th try at modifying the neckline of Lisa Lloyd's Staghorn. (Of course, that *is* more entertaining than studying for the patent bar...)


I'm a teeny bit anal about cables so I have to admit that I'd fix it. Then again, I'm not knitting a cabled cardigan :-)

Colleen G

Isn't that going to be on the bottom of the arm once you sew the sleeves together? If it is, I'd just leave it. If it's going on top, where people will see, I'd fix it. Also, I'd suggest putting it on the left side, since you'd shake with the right hand. That way, it'd be less noticable.


Personally, I'd fix it, but then with things like that I tend to be a little anal. The yarn looks really nice in the pattern so far though.


Love the heart square. That is a cool cable! As far as the error, it is too bac it is so far down, it would be an easy ladder fix. But, yes, fix it. Don't go any further until you get it fixed. You are a fast knitter anyway and will be back to where you are now in no time. And then you won't have to look at the error and wince every time.

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