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March 04, 2009


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Would you believe 9? I like old movies if I watch any.



The sad part - I'm pretty sure I can list 121 more movies that I've seen. I have a DVD player...and On Demand...and my parents started taking me to movies when I was 4. And truly, shouldn't entertainment geeks have seen a lot of movies?


34. I guess I have a life after all, contrary to popular belief.

the divine (yet blogless) Elizabeth

175....what? ;) I'll go with what D said, I'm an "entertainment geek"

I see by your list that there are several movies that i have to corrupt you into watching (never seen Shaun of the Dead? For shame!)

I had the same reaction to movies left off the list but realized if I stopped to add more I'd be there all night....

Colleen G

98.5 I only got through about half of fight club...there was a scene *shivers* Nm.
I can't believe no one has seen Boondocks saints! It's horribly bloody and vulgar...but it is also horribly funny and multilingual. With a huge twist.


That list is very, very heavily weighted toward movies released in the past 10 years, and that is why I have seen 41 rather than >100. If it were, say, the Top 250 Movies on iMDb I would have seen at least half.

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