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September 06, 2009


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You are certainly not the only one who is annoyed with TypePad. Read Norma, and Cookie, and Angie, and VickiKnitorious. Probably others, too.

But all is not lost. I blogged last night about a work-around for this new *feature*. In a nutshell, you read and reply to comments at your Comment page at TypePad. Not as much fun or as zipless as doing in your own email, but good enough in a pinch.

I foresee an uptick in the number of knitbloggers using WordPress...


Boy, do I feel pathetic.

I don't even get spammers commenting on my blog.

(That's not really true. You've commented several times. But the spammers haven't bothered.)


If these spammers were people, I'd get at least some joy -- but I'm sure they're bots.
So, I've now gone and closed comments for that post too. Luckily, so far they're targeting month old posts, not fresh ones. I'll hate closing comments on fresh ones. If I'm really lucky, TypePad will fix its filter so it quits sending ME the ones it's already determined are spam.



Birdsong told me about the comment problem. If my eyes hold up this week, I'll look into it. I do have a good friend over at SixApart...


It seems that this was part of their "upgrade" to the "new typepad" (some features got across the board implementation). Reading the comments on their feedback page for the "new" typepad -- about 98% of the folks who've tried it hate it. Partly b/c it doesn't work, but mostly b/c it's ill conceived, hard to get around in, etc.
At a minimum, I'll consider moving when my year is up...

typepad@sixapart.com wrote:

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