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September 13, 2010


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I was once screamed at in a yarn store. LOL I walked into the store, was the only customer, and the clerk didn't say hi to me because she was on the phone cursing up a storm about someone she was mad at. I saw a sign saying wet paint and of course that was where they had the sock needles so I was trying to check them out without getting too close. The clerk shrieks at me "Get away from there!" and I moved away. She went back to swearing at someone on the phone and I left.

Amazingly enough this yarn store is now closed. :)

Colleen G

I'm fairly disturbed by this. I could hazard a guess at the LYS, and am fairly disappointed; it's my favorite in town. The Other LYS, well...just seems cold to me. They have fine yarn, but the word "frigid" come to mind.

I'm also totally annoyed that I forgot to go to said yarn store; it was on my "list of things to do on Saturday"


Eek. Thank goodness that attitude is the exception rather than the rule, or I wouldn't be a knitter. I learned so much from my local yarn store! And they are extremely supportive, and accepting of my kids crawling the store for hours. (It probably helps that I nearly had them in straightjackets when they were small.)
I am amazed that you guys actually purchased anything, but as you said, you'd been looking for a particular yarn and found it. I don't know, though...I would have taken a picture with the phone and searched the universe for it. That certainly was a bizarre way to hold a 'sale'!


There's a part of me that wants to say, 'Menopause.' Is that bad of me? I'm sorry it happened to you though. Buying yarn should be a much nicer experience.


I'm always amazed at yarn stores that . . . really don't appear to want to sell you any yarn - or support you as a Knitter. I mean, what is going on here? Knitters tend to be a tactile, thoughtful bunch. We like to touch and consider and imagine. We need time and space to make our choices. Sometimes . . . I think the Wrong People have the shops.


I'm just guessing, but I have a sad feeling that this is the only yarn store in town that I actually like. Thankfully, I have no need to go there.


I've been waiting to go buy some new yarn, but now I'm less convinced. Was this the store of Her Most Unpleasantness? While generally rude, they do tend to have what I'm looking for. I don't really want to support anyone so rude.


WOW. I'm SO sorry!

The closest LYS to me had an owner like that. They really do exist.

I tried hard for years to be a friend to ours because she clearly needed one, but I finally had to acknowledge to myself that she simply was a bitter old woman. Someone who could tell a proud eight-year-old whom she'd never seen before, who was showing off her knitting *with yarn bought in that store* that she was lying because it was too well done for her to have done it.

Etc and etc and etc.

She had a stroke and sold the place, and all reports are that the new owner is a sweetheart. What a relief. Support the good ones... I have heard they have Malabrigo there now, too...

I have not been able to get myself to walk back in that door.
I have got to get past my fear of running into LYSO version 1.0. I have got to go make friends with the new LYSO who actually deserves it! (Can you tell I've been giving myself pep talks? I hope you don't mind my writing all this here.)

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