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September 18, 2010


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I congratulate you, because I probably would not have bothered to respond and would have just had my name taken off the list. I agree with you that I do not like to receive things like this in common forums that are about something else, mostly because I am not Christian and it makes me feel unwelcome.

Also because the ending of his poem implies that because "God" is not allowed in the schools is the reason there are school shootings.

So thank you for being one of the few who see other people's religious views as valid.


I agree - things like this have no place on a list about dancing! It makes me very uncomfortable, even though I AM a Christian. There are so many wrong things done in the name of "Christianity" now -- things that are actually very unchristian.


I'm enough of a jerk that if an email contains the line 'do not delete', or 'forward this to' I immediately delete. I don't even read them.
In my defense, I get between 4-500 emails a day for various businesses (98% junk), so I am the Queen of Skimming.
I want to save my computer time for important things, like your blog!

I would never have made it through the email you received. Having said that...my thoughts on the Pledge? I like to say 'under God', because that is my faith. I'd be PISSED if I were another faith, just as I'd be outraged if I were forced to recite 'under [insert other Deity here]'.
It wouldn't hurt my feelings to go back to the original verse, to encompass the religions of others.
It's all about unity and solidarity, right?

Colleen G

I hate people that send out stuff like that. I actually had to send an email to my aunt to ask her to stop sending me that sort of stuff.

I noticed that the poem/prayer was rather annoying, very sing-songy. I also wonder if it was really written by a 15 year old or some 40 year old who wanted to complain about school.

I wonder if it's better to have sent a reply email to the idiot who sent this out or if you'd have been better off sending an email to the moderator saying "This made me feel uncomfortable, can we ask people not to do this?"


I get so angry with people who don't understand the difference on school prayer. Don't even want to open the can of worms that is deciding what denomination's prayer to use if one was having a formal prayer.

I pointed that out to several relatives who were pushing this and have heard nothing since. If we followed the 'majority rules' notion & instituted an official prayer time and an official led & recited prayer, it would be a Catholic prayer, as 52% of the nation's Christians are Catholic. My Baptist relatives were unamused by that notion.

I get my fair share of them, having a lot of devout Christians in the family. Mostly I take them for what they're intended to be - good hearted people who'd like to live in a better world & get there personally by means of their faith.

But sometimes they get it with both barrels if the good hearted has crossed the line into judgmental, bigoted or just flat out uneducated/uninformed.


Sing it!!!

I couldn't even make it through the noxious poetry ... but i got enough of a jist. Apparently I am moral-less because I have pink hair and don't want to pray in public to a diety I don't believe in. SIGH!

Proselytizers make me bugnuts ... and assuming that it is appropriate in a completely differently themed forum is showing the worst kind of privileged and blindness.


Well stated. I have very little patience for emails of that nature. Really. Probably would never have read the thing if it landed in any inbox of mine. . . Your response was thorough and thoughtful, and - unfortunately - probably completely lost on the original sender!!!! Do let us know if you hear back from the guy.


I have stopped reading those kind of emails. They are not worth my time. Your response was masterful; I hope the sender reads it as thoughtfully as it was composed.



Ive since talked to him ... he never mentioned it. I may raise it
next time.
Helen, in Illinois

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