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May 04, 2011


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Alyse Middleton



Coming from Vermont, a state where gay marriage has been in place over a year and it has not made the slightest ripple in any heterosexual's lifestyle, I'm of course going to agree with this guy. Sadly, saying that God created gays won't make the religious intolerants accept them; they'll say God is giving homosexuals a challenge he wants them to fight to overcome (they can BE gay, they just can't act on their impulses, that would be succumbing to Satan or something).

And I love that he says "the arc of history is bending" toward acceptance of gays, but again, certain fundies would instead use the term "sliding down a slippery slope," no doubt toward bestiality or pedophilia or whatever nonsense ignorant people can come up with. Perhaps they consider allowing interracial marriage, an earlier bend in that arc, the first "slippery slope," which some of us just consider justice. It happened, life went on, we're better for it.

The country will get there someday, but not without a long fight. People opposed to gay marriage ought to come to Vermont and see that tolerance is not that difficult and in fact makes a the world a happier place.

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