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October 02, 2011


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I use to collect Knitters, IWK, vogue and then all the styles changed and nothing appealed to me. I agree Rick must move on and I have no intension of subscribing to KNitters until I see innovative sweaters, articles, and indepth discussions of the craft.

I now buy magazines once I review them. If there aren't at least 4 designs I could wear, I don't buy it.

Save your money and buy yarn.


Think about this. Do you want to store it? Do you want to move it? Do you want to re-organize it?

My thought, save the money. If at some point you want to start picking it back up again, (and your friends will let you know if you need to) you can order back issues, right?



I love the back of this cardi but I agree, the front does little for me. I also thought about ways to modify it to make it wearable. Worth thinking about.

Having bought/collected knitting mags for years, the collection got overwhelming 5 years ago as I contemplated an interstate move. I love leafing thru old mags but frankly should spend that time knitting. I have long since stopped subscribing to Knitter's (all photography and dopey sweaters) although their early issues were great and I kept them, the rest went to recycling.

I stopped taking VK last year; and I am about to put my vast collection out for a yard sale without looking thru them!

I am pretty faithful to Interweave Knits, but see little lately of interest. I will keep on, however. I agree with Patty, it's likely that an editor can affect the magazine contents greatly. I enjoyed IK when Melanie Falick was editor.

In the end, I little very little from mags. And now, I can get my eye candy thru browsing Ravelry patterns no matter the source, eliminating storage!

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